Thursday, November 15, 2007


It has been a busy couple of months! The girls are doing great.

Sarah has exploded in words and talks all day long, and sometimes in her sleep. She is always asking "what are you doing?" She loves her baby dolls and new kitty. We named the kitty patches. She loves to play dress up, wearing dresses and dress shoes. No more tenny shoes for her. She has to have her hair done everyday also. I am getting better at it.

Abby picked up quick on sign language and was so cute. They did find that her left ear drum was not vibrating. She had surgery on Nov. 12th and it was a success. There was just too much fluid and scar tissue in her ears to prevent them from working properly. The day after surgery she started to talk. Her new word today is beep beep! Since bringing her home she has gotten 8 teeth. Plus she had to have 2 root canals on her front teeth, for the bottle rot. They are so white and pretty, her smile is more radiant now.

On the 12th of October we had the girls sealed to our forever family in the Vernal Utah Temple. As you can see in the picture they looked like little angels.What a special day for us as a family, to know that they will be with us forever, not only in this life but in the next life for eternity.

This will be my last post to the blog. I am so busy with these two little girls. I want to spend all of my time with them.

Thank you for following our journey, what a journey it has been. We have loved the ride and will have to see what the future holds for us.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Our forever family.

We had the girls blessed in church, using there traditional Vietnamese outfits. Sarah on the left and Abby on the right.

Monday, September 10, 2007

An update!!

I am finally able to get to the computer for an update. The girls are adjusting well and are feeling better.

It took 2 rounds of antibotics to finally get Abby's ear infections to some what go away. We see a specialist tomorrow. She still has fluid in her ears and has failed her hearing test. We are not too worried. She has started to talk more, so we know she can hear. I will let you know how that goes.

Sarah is better and talking up a storm. She had ear infections when we got home and then came down with a bad case of pnemonia(sp) and we almost had to put her in the hospital. She is a trooper and we used the time for lots of bonding and snuggling.

They are finally sleeping through the night, 10-12 hours, yes!! Both mom and dad, oh and the boys are thrilled by this new step.

I had forgotten how busy toddlers can be and how quickly they can make a mess. But they are so worth it.

My boys have been amazing with the girls. They are so helpful and play so well with them.

My dial up connection is sooo slow lately that I am unable to load up pictures. I will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

sick girls

We took the girls to the dr. yesterday and found out that Abby has a double ear infection and Sarah has one ear infected. But no fevers, he thinks this is a chronic infection and we may have to do tubes in there ears. Plus he thinks the elevation has some to do with everything, we live at 5400 ft compared to sea level (0r close).

We did have a little better of a night, Sarah only woke once and abby was coughing so bad that she kept throwing up, so she was up most of the night.

We did use music playing all night and I think that helped, plus we rearanged our room so that the girls could see us if they woke up and knew we would be there. Plus the sedative helped that the dr gave us.

we are hoping for a better night tonight, nap time went better. I stayed in the room the entire time, and slept too, so that when they woke they knew I would still be there for them. No startaling crys.

thank you all for your calls of support and words of advice. It was much appreciated.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

sleeping issues, advice needed

We are having huge sleeping issues at our house. I know some must be jet lag but there is more to it.

The girls go to sleep fine but wake up 1-2 hours later and scream until about 4 am then will go to sleep for a couple of hours.

We have tried calming tablets, co sleeping, rocking, singing you name it and nothing is working. They were not having these issues in vietnam, any suggestions? Please leave a comment if you have been through this and could offer any help.

Matt and I are exhausted and are desperate.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We are Home!!

We are home. Traveling went better then expected, but we are exhausted and adjusting. I will post pictures soon.

Sarah has adjusted to the time change but Abby is struggling and is so tired she will not sleep for more then 1/2 hour at a time with hours inbetween.

They are having a ball with the boys. In two weeks when they go back to school life will be different around our house.

Matt and I are struggling with jet lag. But once abby starts adjusting a sleeping better it will help us so we can sleep too.

We are so grateful to be home.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

thursday August 2nd!

First of all we want to wish a few people happy birthday, Doug, Don and Cortnie!

It rained off and on most of the day today, so I stayed in with the girls and we played and had fun while matt went for a ride on a motor bike to go shopping.

We are having computer issues, so I will not be writing again until we get to the states. Thus no pictures today. I have to wait forever to use the lobby internet, and weekends are impossible plus with internet issues during the weekend.

We are leaving on a Jet plane and don't know when we will be back again. Keep us in your prayers that the girls will travel well and that we will be safe. I can't wait to see my boys again.

The count down to coming home is on. We have a few things left to do and then to finish packing.

See you all when we get home!!